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Some Things You Need to Understand #3

This one comes from LJ user stickykeys633 in the blackfolk community:

Dear lovely white people in real life,

The people who can rightfully declare racism to be over? Are the people to which the racism is happening.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.

Yes, yes, and yes. I don’t know many times a day I feel the need to say this. Just because we no longer have White and Colored signs on the fountain doesn’t mean it’s all over. As white people, you don’t ever experience it. So why do you feel you have the authority to say it’s over?

18 thoughts on “Some Things You Need to Understand #3”

  1. Y. Carrington says:

    Ain’t that the truth. And to men: This rule applies to misogyny/sexism as well.

  2. the angry black woman says:

    This rule applies to misogyny/sexism as well.


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  5. brotherpeacemaker says:

    I cannot agree with the statement enough. My problem comes from black people, who claim that they’ve experienced racism first hand (Clarence Thomas for one) and then go through the same song and dance and say racism is over.


  6. single white female says:

    I haven’t declared misogyny/sexism to be over. I’ve heard it happens to others. But not once in my life have I felt its effects on myself.

  7. OverItAllWhiteGuy says:

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  8. OverItAllWhiteGuy says:

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  9. OverItAllWhiteGuy says:

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  10. the angry black woman says:


    overitallwhiteguy, you’re now a troll. I’m putting you on moderation. You have 48 hours to give me three independent sources for the statistics you cite. If you cannot, I’m going to call them out as completely made up, which I suspect they are. I’ll also devowel you. I ought to devowel you, anyway, but I’m giving you a chance.

    48 hours. get to it.

  11. therealpotato says:

    ABW, I think you’re being way too kind to this dude. But that’s just me :)

  12. Ninja says:

    Also here’s a link on the Duke “rape” case:

  13. the angry black woman says:


    That report is by the New Century Foundation. When I did a cursory Google search on them, I found:

    The New Century Foundation, founded November 1990 and based in Oakton, Virginia, is a “self-styled think tank that publishes a monthly journal and a Web site called American Renaissance. Also hosts biannual conferences. The Foundation promotes pseudoscientific and questionably researched and argued studies to validate the superiority of whites.”[1]

    The Foundation is headed by Samuel Jared Taylor, “author of Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, a 1991 book that documented fundamental problems with U.S. policies on civil rights, crime and welfare. … But Mr. Taylor was criticized as an advocate of ‘the new white racism’ by conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, whose 1995 book The End of Racism reported many of the same racial problems Mr. Taylor had examined in his earlier book.”[2]

    “Presenters at conferences have included Samuel Francis and Gordon Lee Baum of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Attendees have included Don Black, operator of the white supremacist Web site Stormfront… [Source]


    The group publishes the American Renaissance, a monthly white nationalist magazine describing itself as “America’s premiere publication of racial-realist thought.” [Source]

    and finally:

    The Foundation promotes pseudoscientific and questionably researched and argued studies to validate the superiority of whites. [Source: Anti-Defamation League, which has a very comprehensive article worth reading]

    This is one of the reasons I ask for multiple, independent sources. And it’s always a good idea to check out the organization that publishes such studies to ensure that they don’t have an apparent, overt bias. You won’t be able to find a *completely* non-biased source, but it is possible for one source to be more trustworthy than another. Also, by looking at multiple sources, you’re better able to triangulate the truth.

  14. the angry black woman says:

    Also, Ninja, in the future, collect all of your links together and put them in one comment. And, again, three independent sources! (Since you’re keen to play this game.)

  15. Ninja says:

    It’s pretty damn difficult to find an organization to publish completely un-biased, un-intimidated by special interest hard facts.

  16. the angry black woman says:

    um… isn’t that what i just said?

    I reiterate: this is why I ask for multiple sources. It’s easier to suss out the truth when you have more information to go on.

    Here’s a hint, though. When looking for sources, it’s best to stay away from organizations that are overtly run by racists/sexists/etc. If their mission is to prove that white people are supreme in every way, it’s pretty silly to ask them to show you evidence that doesn’t back that assertion up. Instead, look for sources that don’t claim any particular bias or foregone conclusion. They may *have* biases, but they aren’t working to specifically prop up those biases, either.

  17. the angry black woman says:

    It’s been 48 hours and we’ve heard nary a peep from OverItAllWhiteGuy. In the face of having to back up his bullshit he’s… run away. So sad. I’ve devoweled him and put him on moderation should he ever return. Anyone else wish to bring the bullshit?

  18. Jooswah says:

    Disenvowelment is a hilarious pnshmnt.

    I thought it was OIAWG, and it puzzled me.

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